1st Seminar

Perspectives and Challenges of the Woodworking Industries in Europe

Joint CEI-Bois / EFBWW / EPF Project

Date 07.12.2017
Time 09:00 – 19:00
Venue Ipanema Park Hotel, Serralves street 124 4150-125, Oporto



9:00 Welcome Coffee

1. Morning session focusing on the Action Guide on Formaldehyde – Lead EPF

9:30 Welcome and opening by CEI-Bois, EFBWW and EPF

  1. REFWOOD Experiences
    • EFBWW speaker: Mr Kenneth Johansson
    • EPF national member association speaker: Mr Olivier Hugon-Nicolas, UIPP
  2. Introduction speech to set the scene: SCOEL – CMD – BOEL – REACH
    • Speaker: Mrs Karola Grodzki, EC DG EMPL
    • 2nd Speaker from EC DG EMPL (to be confirmed)
  3. Action Guide:
    • Background and principles: Mr Hubert Gentner, Wood-Metal BG
    • Practical experience and lessons for implementation throughout Europe: Mrs Gundula Wagner, Pfleiderer/VHI

11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

  1. Trade Union perspective and experiences: Mr Ulrich Spannow, EFBWW
  2. Pan-European implementation project for the Action Guide: Mr Kris Wijnendaele, EPF

13:30-15:00 Lunch Break


2. Afternoon session focusing on other working condition issues

  1. Wood dust and its prevention: Mr Hubert Gentner, Wood-Metal BG
  2. Prevention on company level – a field report: Mr. Freddy Soret – France/CFDT
  3. Best practices in training: Mr Stefan Hinnekens, Woodwize – Belgium
  4. Conclusions by CEI-Bois, EFBWW and EPF

17:30-19:00 Closing reception